THRIVE CREATIVE GROUP llc Hello. Welcome to Thrive Creative Group, a unique design collective with a real passion for creating beautiful work that not only inspires, it get results. Owner and Chief Designer/Art Director Tracy Pierce brought Thrive to life after sixteen successful years in Graphic Design – and with the same creative drive that’s guided her through the freelance career she began in 2000. In fact, all of us at Thrive Creative Group share that balance of big-agency experience and independent, entrepreneurial spirit. So every Designer, Copywriter or Photographer you work with brings a rare blend of skills and passions to your project. And by the way, we love what we do. What We Do. To put it simply, we take whatever you need to say and present it to the world as attractively and effectively as possible. We specialize in developing total visual identities that give every business its own unique look and feel. Its own “brand,” where all the visual pieces work together in complete harmony. From your website design to print ads, brochures, logos and beyond, we want people to not only notice your brand, but experience it. That means seeing your company name and getting a warm and fuzzy feeling. The kind that makes people want to take your brand out for a nice cup of herbal tea and good conversation. Or, at the very least, compel them to try the product or service you’re selling. Portfolio Our Creations. Sure, we love telling you about the kind of work we create. But it’s a lot more fun to simply show you. So have a look around and enjoy just a few of the projects we’ve done to date. You’ll find a mix of business-to-business and business-to-consumer work – and you’ll also find the sense of joy and passion that goes into each piece.Our Services. Every business – big or small, service-oriented or production-based – needs effective, compelling communication that’s carefully thought out. It’s a simple fact of business today, and it also happens to be our specialty here at Thrive Creative Group. Of course, our capabilities go beyond creating beautiful graphic design that establishes the perfect visual “look” for you. We actually offer three core services, all working together to make your message deliciously irresistible to the people you want to reach. Branding When every bit of visual and verbal communication reaching your audience works together in complete synergy, a brand image is being built. Successful branding attracts customers, engages an audience and inspires people to not only feel good about your business, but also support it. Design. Design is everywhere. Unless it was put on Earth by nature, absolutely every object we see in our world was designed by somebody. The best designs can grab attention, cause someone to think or react in a positive way, and lend an aesthetically pleasing aura to, well, just about anything. Your business is no exception, and stellar design can mean the difference between a good company and an incredible one. Copywriting. When used in just the right way, effective writing has the same power as great design. Words can command attention, make you stop and think, motivate, and influence feelings. Our Copywriters work closely with our Designers to craft the perfect harmony between words and graphics. It’s a combination whose sum packs an impact neither could achieve on its own. An impact that your audience can’t pass up. Let’s talk. So, think you might want to have Thrive go to work for you? Not sure yet, and want to talk a bit? Have any good recipes for a happy, healthy life? Call or email us, we’d love to get to know you. Tracy Pierce Owner/Chief Designer & Art Director Phone 216.692.1280 Cell: 216.470.9096 e: Or write: Thrive Creative Group llc 25561 Chatworth Dr., Euclid, OH 44117